Natural Pest Control Treatment Redfern

Pests can be really hard to deal with and you can not call pest services for one or two pests once in a while. No matter how good a company is, pests will always find a way to get in your house. Now for pests entering we can use some method to stop them on their way. And let’s be honest no one wants to use pesticides or insecticides by themselves as it includes some risks. But what if there are some real working methods to keep the pests away from your home that too using home remedies.

Natural Pest Control Treatment Redfern

There Are Various Methods You Can Use To Stop Different Kinds of Pests.


Who does not like to stay out and have a bonfire or some small trip to the forest with friends? Also even just a barbeque night in our backyard but mosquitoes pretty much ruin everything. All of us have been their prey. Next time when you light a bonfire. Plan some barbeque, just add some fresh rosemary or sage to coal or fire, and boom no mosquitoes.

Sweet basil

It just not makes your food tasty but it also makes your home flying pests free. Yes, you read that right it is the easiest method to keep the flies out of your house. All you have to do is to pot a plant of sweet basil and put it in a sunny spot and then place it near frequently used doors or opened windows.


Yes, like the tale of old this method also actually works. Onions have sulfur in them which makes them smell extremely pungent and unbearable for the spiders to be around them. All you have to do is slice some onions and put them in water. After that just place the bowl of sliced onion and water to the place from wherever the spider enters your place.

Diatomaceous Earth

This remedy is a jack of all. Most of the pests are always affected by Diatomaceous earth(DE). However, people are not aware of this and thus do not use it. DE is a type of powder that is obtained by fossilized algae that are found in water. But do not worry this is a hundred percent safe. Even if you inhale some of it as it also comes in use for various health benefits. DE sucks all the water out and dehydrates bugs and kills them as DE is 80 to 90% silica.


Cedar oils, cedar shampoo, can help you repel many types of pests like fleas, moths, etc. However, cedar should be the Aromatic cedar. The aromatic cedar is also known as juniper in some areas.

Soapy water

Yes, soapy water can be a really good way to deal with various pests. All you have to do is pour soapy water in a spray bottle and then just spray on the pest like ants, cockroaches, etc and they will die.

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